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How Do I Build My Social Media Audience?

By Gina Young / March 28, 2024

The truth is, I’m a marketer who builds our social media audience for BigOrange Marketing and many other firms. And my number one challenge is not getting leads and opportunities. It’s finding strategic or creative people who enjoy working with us and helping them learn the big picture. It’s coming around to the idea that…

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social media engagement strategy

What is a Social Media Engagement Strategy for My Business?

By Gina Young / March 14, 2024

I have to admit. For a long time, I let social media be only about sharing content from my website. About the content strategy and plan. But what I was missing was being on the platform and building a community. You’re likely here because know you want to engage more on social media, but where…

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How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Posts in Bulk

By BigOrange Team / February 21, 2024

Ready to get real results and enhance your social media marketing on LinkedIn with share-worthy content that aligns with your brand values? Build a Social Community of Trust and Develop New Business In this dynamic session, led by Gina Young, CTO of BigOrange Marketing, you’ll learn how to build trust and gain the necessary skills…

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effective social media posts

What Types of Social Media Posts Are Most Effective?

By Gina Young / February 19, 2024

There are a lot of choices and directions you can go in when you look at all the types of social media posts, designs and templates. Templates are great if you make them your own to match your brand and use them regularly to build a stronger brand identity. But what types of social media posts are…

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Why is Social Media Topic Authority Important? Business Social Made Simple

Why Is Social Media Topic Authority Important?

By Gina Young / February 2, 2024

Today’s marketing landscape is crowded. Every industry I can think of is full of firms that have a longer tenure, more capital and resources. Topic authority is the best thing a small-to-mid-sized business can use to differentiate, build trust and develop new business across not only social media, but all digital channels. Let’s briefly talk…

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What Is a Social Media Hook

What Is a Social Media Hook?

By Gina Young / February 1, 2024

I hardly remember anything or even care when I first see it. Yet I keep coming back and checking in and engaging on my social apps each day. Do you feel that way, too? People, businesses and brands that have and use a clear hook on social media are not only more likely to be…

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How do I use LinkedIn to promote my business

How Do I Use LinkedIn to Promote My Business? 

By BigOrange Team / February 23, 2023

Here’s the good news: Everyone is online these days. You can share your content with just about everyone if you want. But here’s the bad news: Everyone is online these days. How do you stand out amongst the crowded newsfeed? One question you might be asking is “How do I use LinkedIn to promote my…

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Social Media Marketing

The Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2023

By Nick Miller / December 22, 2022

If you think your CEO is in charge of your brand, think again. Consumers are in charge now. That’s just one of the social media marketing trends as outlined by HubSpot that should be on your marketing team’s radar. Consumers have had an ever-increasing impact on brands that’s only been accelerated by the pandemic, putting…

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Participating in Conversations on Social Media

By Brittany D. Eaton / May 5, 2022

Searching for products and services in the phone book or newspaper is a forgotten practice. Just about anything and everything is now made easily accessible on the internet. Social media platforms help businesses add a splash of color to their products and services that otherwise may not be found on a professional website. If organizations…

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When to use LinkedIn ads

Set Sail for Adventure: When to Use LinkedIn Ads

By Janice Weiser / March 4, 2022

Increased traffic, brand awareness, qualified job candidates, marketing qualified leads… who wouldn’t want all of these things? What treasure chest do you need to plunder to find them? There’s no ragged, inscrutable treasure map to follow, you just need to set your sights on LinkedIn ads.  Here’s how LinkedIn ads can help you uncover the…

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