What Is a Social Media Hook?

What Is a Social Media Hook? Business Social Made Simple

I hardly remember anything or even care when I first see it. Yet I keep coming back and checking in and engaging on my social apps each day. Do you feel that way, too?

People, businesses and brands that have and use a clear hook on social media are not only more likely to be matched with their ideal audience, but to be remembered for the thing someone is considering when the time is right. 

What is a social media hook?

Not to be confused with the introduction and start of your post that draws people in. That’s important. That is also a hook. But this end hook is even more important for a business. A social media hook that we’re referring to here should come at the end of your posts. It draws attention back in after and during the scrolling.

The end of your post provides a clear call to connect and how to engage on this channel. A win-win and two-way conversation that benefits both sides of the social interaction. Your social media hook calls out who you’re talking to, about what challenge or topic, and how they can interact or a reason why they should follow you.

Why should I write a social media hook?

It’s simple. Given the amount of information people take in each day, attention spans are suffering. Your hook is clear and consistent and draws in who it needs to. Especially if people see it enough times to remember. I know there is a content limit on X for adding onto the end of what already feels short. But LinkedIn, Meta, Instagram – this approach will work.

A Foolproof Social Media Hook Template You Can Use

Follow @Company Name for more [topic] to-dos and content from behind the scenes in [industry]. 

#hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

Here’s ours:

Follow your StoryBrand Guide BigOrange Marketing for more tips and tricks. 

Here’s my own:

Gina Young💥
I invite you to join my community and follow me on this new adventure as I break down a crowded landscape and make marketing your business simple again.

Fun tip: Use the @ sign to tag yourself and drive people to your social profile instead of an external link at the end of your posts.

5 Amazing Social Media Hook Examples

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  2. Friendly reminder that years of experience aren’t everything. Get more human insights like this ✌️💜
  3. Source: been there, done that. Sign up for our newsletter and survive another day in IT.
  4. The best copy is human. Let us help you write yours.
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The whole premise of our all new free program, Business Social Made Simple, is to help you build a stronger brand identity and association with your audience. You’ll do this by building social media topic authority, making and repurposing great creative, and saying the same simple things again and again in new ways.

You can use less brain power AND spend more time driving the right engagements while building a strong business community. 

Nobody said it will be easy, but it’s simple to get better results from your social media. How you can be most effective in the time you spend on social media is what we’re here to provide.

Now go write your social media hooks and start using them at the start and more importantly, the end of all your posts. 

Gina Young

Gina Young

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