Top Performing Marketing Content for IT Services

Marketing Content for IT Services

We all agree that content is king, but when it comes to marketing content for IT services, what kind of content is king? Between blogs, social media, videos and email newsletters, there’s a huge variety of content one size doesn't fit all. Managed service providers (MSPs) aren’t the same as other service industries and should tailor their marketing content accordingly.

Blog Topics for MSPs

From our experience creating content for MSPs, the most popular blog topics are those that provide tips or news on IT, cyber security and cloud computing. Example blog posts include Edge vs. Chrome, Remote Work Cyber Security, Microsoft Exchange Server Security Risks and the Worst Ransomware Attacks of 2020. Prospects and active customers alike prefer blog posts that have timely information, actionable advice and keep them aware of current cyber security threats.

Social Media Posts for Managed IT Providers

Social media can be overwhelming for B2B services providers to maintain, monitor and evaluate. But staying on top of this content is worthwhile: Between organic and paid social media, it has been proven an effective platform for MSPs. The top performing social media posts for our MSP clients are ones that highlight team members. Employees, customers and partners love putting faces to names; especially since face-to-face meetings are limited now. Other successful posts include those that promote services, share company announcements and celebrate relevant “holidays,” such as World Backup Day.

Social Media Marketing Content for IT Services Managed IT Providers
Social Media Posts for IT, Marketing content for IT services

IT Marketing Videos

Video content is becoming more and more relevant as people are online all the time. In fact, 74 percent of marketers say that video has a better ROI than static imagery, according to Bitable. We agree! Videos are great marketing content for IT services, helping to explain techy topics, like Cyber Security, in an easy-to-consume fashion. They’re also an attention-grabbing way to share case studies, provide instructions and introduce your business and yourself. Videos can easily be shared and give the user flexibility in when and how often they watch.

Email Newsletters for IT Services

Email newsletters are also essential to an MSP’s content strategy. Newsletters provide valuable information to prospects and customers and keep your brand top of mind. The top performing newsletter topics for MSPs include ransomware tips, compliance updates, password security and Microsoft system updates. It’s absolutely necessary to only provide the best information in newsletters to guarantee open rates and avoid unsubscribes.

Top Performing Marketing Content for IT Services

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