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How-to Guide for MSP Marketing

Press Release: BigOrange Marketing’s New Book Is a How-to Guide for MSP Marketing

By Janice Weiser / February 3, 2023

Cincinnati OH, January 17, 2023: With a recession looming and small businesses closely tracking their marketing budget, a new book offers hacks and essentials for MSP and IT service company marketing. Squeeze the Day, Essential MSP Marketing Fundamentals and Hacks to Get Leads and Grow, a new book written by the BigOrange Marketing team, offers…

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IT and MSP Content Marketing image

Lean In: IT and MSP Content Marketing in a Recession

By Margee Moore / January 23, 2023

A new calendar is hung on the wall, and we’ve all mustered the courage to take on a new year. Now, it’s time to plan for your business’s success.  With concerns about a recession staying in the news cycle, it’s a good time to think about IT and MSP content marketing in a recession. Growing…

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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing: Choosing the Right Color to Give Your MSP That Clearer Picture

By Brittany D. Eaton / December 15, 2022

Stability, trust and security. These are the feelings evoked by the color blue. So it should come as no surprise that it’s the top choice for managed service providers (MSPs) in the industry today. Think about it: Has waking up to a clear blue sky on a bright, sunny day ever made you upset? Blue…

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it nation 2022 image

IT Nation Insights: Taking Orlando by Storm

By Janice Weiser / November 15, 2022

Even Hurricane Nicole couldn’t keep the IT Nation from meeting, eating, learning and being inspired by headliner speakers. Here’s what the BigOrange Marketing team took away from the largest gathering of MSP community members in 2022, held November 9-11 in Orlando:  Labor is on everyone’s mind. Breakout sessions that addressed where to find new recruits…

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how-to guide for IT service companies

BigOrange Marketing Publishes How-To Guide for IT Services Companies

By BigOrange Team / November 15, 2022

BigOrange Marketing has created a book sharing top tips for IT services companies and managed service providers (MSPs) looking to pull away from the pack. Squeeze the Day, a new book written by the BigOrange Marketing team, offers juicy resources and 21 MSP marketing ideas and best practices to help IT service companies. The tips…

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Top Marketing Tools MSP Webinar

MSP Webinars: Top Marketing Tool

By Emelia Pitlick / March 24, 2022

While it may seem daunting at first, hosting a webinar doesn’t have to be complicated or overly time-consuming, and it can be an effective addition to MSP marketing. Use a platform like Crowdcast or Microsoft Teams to host MSP webinars. Keep it short to retain audience interest, but leave time at the end for questions.…

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Technology Consultant Website

New StoryBrand Website Highlights Technology Consultant

By Emelia Pitlick / March 18, 2022

Afidence has launched a new StoryBrand website that offers a clear vision of the company’s services and advocacy approach. With a fresh look and streamlined functionality, the site introduces visitors to the company’s core services and syncMETHODOLOGYTM, their proven process for delivering client success. Afidence is an IT advocate and business technology provider serving clients…

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Publications for Local MSP Marketing Resources

Local MSP Marketing Resources: Partner With Regional Publications

By Margee Moore / March 17, 2022

You know those info-packed emails from your local business publication you like to read? Well, your potential clients are reading them, too. Why not research ways to include your company in those publications’ updates? Ask about being a featured advertiser or even a possible contributor. Explore paid advertising opportunities to expand your reach. Consider being…

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Marketing Plan for 2022

Get Ready for the New Year: How To Put Together a Successful Marketing Plan For 2022

By Margee Moore / December 16, 2021

Is it just me, or did 2021 fly by? Whether your team met its annual goals or came up short, it’s time to look ahead to the new year. You might have other things on your mind besides marketing, but it’s crucial to the success of every business. We have good news: you can put…

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How to Build Credibility with Link Building

Using HARO For Link Building for MSP Marketing

By Emelia Pitlick / November 9, 2021

Link building is an important tactic for improving your website’s overall SEO. Authentic backlinks from other sites to yours lend your site credibility and provide a way for readers to access your site directly. I recently interviewed Dave Hatter, of Intrust IT, on his experience using the free Help A Reporter Out (HARO) platform to…

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